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OxyGeneo 4-in-1 Super Facial

Our #1 Skin Treatment!

Using 3rd Generation Tripollar RF (radio frequency), OxyGeneo Pod Technology and Ultrasound. This treatment is one of Australia's most sought after skin treatments. Tightening, firming, exfoliating, oxygenating and infusion.

4-in-1 Super Facial
RF add on to any skin treatment

RF neck and decollatage add on

RF Express Treatment

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Advanced Facial Treatments

o2 Lift Facial  (50 min)          $129
This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides and high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.

02 Lift with Microdermabrasion (60 min)          $209
Original o2 lift treatment including microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate and smooth skin.

Dermalux Hydrating Facial (60 min)          $159

Deeply hydrates and rejuvenates using the latest technology in skin treatments. Includes Dermalux LED treatment and Image Sheet Mask for the ultimate facial treatment

BT Fusion Facial (60 min)          $269
Using the latest in ultrasonic technology this treatment effectively exfoliates, extracts, rejuvenates using LED and infuses active ingredients deep into the skin. The result - decongested, glowing, healthy skin

Detox Glow Facial          $209
Indulge in a luxurious treatment that begins with a Pure Fiji Foot Soak and Scrub. Then melt into our treatment bed and begin with our specialized Vitamin C Enzyme Exfoliation, meticulously designed to cleanse and revitalize your skin, eliminating impurities and enhancing your natural radiance. Our tailored detox treatment will stimulate your circulatory system to remove those nasty toxins promoting a fresh, rejuvenated skin texture.


Express Facial (30 min)          $86
Customised facial treatment using Image Skincare. Includes scalp massage

Signature Facial (45 min)          $109
Indulge and rejuvenate your skin. Includes scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

Indulge Spa Facial (60 min)          $149
Completely indulge in a beautiful, result driven facial treatment including steam, stone facial massage and eye peptide masks.


IPL Laser Rejuvenation Facial

A non-invasive laser facial that uses light therapy to eliminate signs of ‘photo-ageing’, including pigmentation, dull skin, breakouts, post inflammatory pigmentation, open pores and more. The result - healthy, clear and radiant complexion. Treatment includes LED session to enhance results. 

Laser Rejuv Facial          $199

laser rejuv.jpg

Professional Peels

Customised peels treatments to suit your skin type and condition. Speak to you skin specialist in salon for a treatment plan to get the best results.

Image Peel from          $99  -  $159

Peel Package          $699

6 Peel treatments booked at 2 week intervals (includes aftercare kit valued at $54


Skin Needling

Skin Needling (45 min)          $279

Skin Needling + Fusion Mesotherapy (60)          $369
Includes the infusion of sterile, active cocktails of ingredients targeting your skin concerns.
Micro needling + Fusion Mesotherapy + Dermalux LED          $399

Packages for Micro Needling


x3 Micro needling + Fusion Mesotherapy + 3 FREE LED          $999

x6 Microneedling + Fusion Mesotherapy - Dermalux LED        $1999


Fusion Mesotherapy

Fusion Mesotherapy utilizes the electroporation technology from our Mesopen skin needling device to deliver active, sterile serums into the skin. The sterile viles of active ingredients create effective, long lasting results for a range of skin conditions.


Fusion Mesotherapy - needle free treatment          $199


Epidermal Levelling

Advanced exfoliation and de-fuzz
Epidermal Levelling + Sheet Mask (45-60 min)                $109

Epidermal Levelling + Image Peel  (60 min)                        $169

Epidermal Levelling + Peel + Dermalux LED (75 min)      $199


Dermalux LED Phototherapy

A non-invasive, award winning LED light treatment to accelerate natural rejuvenation and repair processes in the skin. 

30 minute treatment                    $79
+add to any facial treatment      $59

x 3 treatments      $225
x 6 treatments      $420
x 10 treatments    $660


Enhance your experience and results

Dermalux LED treatment

Image Hydrogel Sheet Mask

Societe Eye Peptide Mask

BT Fusion Pro Treatment 

Customised Mask Treatment
Steam add on









Prices are subject to change without prior notice

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