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It's party season!
Weddings, Christmas parties, catch ups with friends and end-of-year events may be taking their toll on your skin!


We have just the thing to detox your skin and reveal a beautiful glow from within!


Introducing our limited-time Detox Glow Facial, expertly curated to provide your skin with a rejuvenating detox and a luminous, healthy glow from within.


✨ The Experience: Indulge in a luxurious treatment that begins with a Pure Fiji Foot Soak and Scrub. Then melt into our treatment bed and begin with our specialized Vitamin C Enzyme Exfoliation, meticulously designed to cleanse and revitalize your skin, eliminating impurities and enhancing your natural radiance. Our tailored detox treatment will stimulate your circulatory system to remove those nasty toxins promoting a fresh, rejuvenated skin texture.


✨ The Benefits:

🌿 Flush out toxins that cause blockages in the skin

🌿 Combat breakouts and inflammation

🌿 Restore vibrancy to devitalized skin

🌿 Hydrate and nourish

🌿 Achieve a radiant, youthful glow

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